Your company has a great story to tell. However, in the digital age, getting your story in front of potential customers, partners, and investors requires new and innovative ideas and techniques.

Particularly when it comes to reaching potential investors, public companies need cutting edge digital content that relays their story, factually and in a language that compels viewers to action. You need an advocate in the investment community.

At Tailwinds, we partner with select growth companies. We create compelling digital content, including blogs, videos, interviews and newsletters, that attract an audience to your story. We are highly selective of our portfolio companies and, as such, become the true believer and advocate in the investment community that companies need to broadcast their story globally.

We have each been investing in microcap companies for over 30 years. Everyone has their weaknesses and ours is an addiction to believing in and investing in small companies. During this time, we’ve had our share of both successes and failures. We have seen investments increase, in some cases, by over 10,000%. We’ve also seen bear markets that seem like the end of the world.

We may not have all the answers, but we certainly have learned a lot of the questions that need to be asked. And, increasingly, one of the more important questions is, “how are you going to reach a broader audience?”

Right now is an interesting time. Overall, the markets are doing well, yet it somehow seems like almost a bear market for microcap companies. There is lots of speculation as to why this might be. Whether it’s due to financial overregulation, investors’ distrust of the financial community, or any other reason, one thing is for certain…getting an audience with the retail investor is tougher than ever before.

We believe that the retail investor exists, he’s just changed. Instead of relying on advisors and friends, investors today are at once both smarter and more skeptical than ever. More than half of all investors manage their own money and a vast majority of them do their own due diligence and fact check investment ideas.

Tailwinds creates digital content that delivers factual data to investors in compelling formats. We use both social and digital media to deliver content to investors in the media they are using, whether that be at their desktop or on their mobile devices.

We have a large and growing group of investors that subscribe to our weekly newsletter (please do join our list of subscribers by clicking here). We disseminate your content globally through social media avenues so that instead of reaching out to investors, they can find you. We look forward to partnering with more companies to help them bring their story to the world of investors.