Important Changes to The Tailwinds Platform

Tailwinds Research was started with the simple goal of helping investors make money in micro-cap stocks. Over the last year and a half, there have been many successes and several missteps, but we’ve certainly accomplished our overall goal, generating performance in the companies under coverage that has greatly exceeded the performance of the broader market indexes.

It has also been a learning experience, understanding what has worked and what hasn’t. And, as we learn, so we must adapt. The original model envisioned of simply publishing research on quality companies was too simplistic. Our ability to help investors in a public forum presented us with challenges we hadn’t imagined. At the same time, our success has brought other interesting opportunities to Tailwinds that we hadn’t imagined when starting almost two years ago.

The most exciting of these opportunities is a direct result of the outstanding performance of our companies, combined with the Tailwinds’ platform’s ability to generate actionable research; many people have approached us to manage outside money in the micro-cap space. This is a project that we are going to be pursuing.

Simultaneously, it has become apparent that, while sharing research broadly is an admirable undertaking, informing the general public of changes in positions we own has become a detriment. While it’s understandable to some investors and companies take investment changes personally, our history of informing people outside of the Tailwinds’ universe about trades has simply created more frustration than positive benefits. Therefore, going forward we will be offering a premium subscription service that will allow us to decide who finds out about changes to our portfolio.

The cost of our premium service is $500 for a one-year subscription, with the first 100 subscribers receiving a 50% discount for the first year. We will start taking premium memberships later in the month of May

In order to manage funds for others and to offer a premium newsletter service, Tailwinds has to become a Registered Investment Advisor. This process is underway at this time and we expect it to be completed within the next couple months.

Becoming an RIA requires manage several changes to the Tailwinds strategy, all driven by compliance with federal and state regulations. Below are a list of the changes that will be occurring over the next several days and weeks.

  1. All viewers of the Tailwinds website will need to log on to view articles. All our articles will be available for all viewers with no charge, but regulations require we capture the user traffic, so all users will be required to create a user account.
  2. Readers of our newsletter and our website will no longer be able to see the makeup of the Tailwinds Select Portfolio. Instead, they will see the “coverage universe”. Which stocks are in the Portfolio, and their respective weightings will not be available except to premium subscribers.
  3. The Tailwinds Select Portfolio performance will no longer be based on a model portfolio. Starting May 1, it will be the actual returns of all assets under management, including our own.
  4. Subscribers to our premium service will have exclusive access to two unique pages on our website. On the first of these pages will be the Tailwinds Select Portfolio, including the weightings of the securities, along with the current and historical performance figures for the portfolio. The second page will be a trading blog that details every trade taken in the portfolio, updated immediately after consummation of the trades in the managed accounts.
  5. Besides access to the portfolio page and trading blog, premium subscribers will receive email alerts every time there is a trade in the Tailwinds Select Portfolio. With the current market environment being more conducive to trading around positions, we expect to be more active in the Portfolio going forward, while still taking a long term approach to our holdings and core positions.

As we move towards the end of our second year at Tailwinds, we are more excited than ever about the opportunities in front of us. The micro-cap space is underfollowed and underloved. Opportunities abound for those willing to do their homework and invest wisely. We believe our performance to date is no fluke, rather the result of quality research and due diligence; a result that is repeatable over time.

Thank you for your interest in Tailwinds. We hope these changes to our platform benefit all of us and enable Tailwinds to continue helping investors generate outsized returns in the exciting area of micro-cap investing.

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