Adding KOPN to the Tailwinds Select Portfolio

We have added Kopin Corp. (KOPN) to the Tailwinds Select portfolio. Kopin is a direct beneficiary of the burgeoning Augmented Reality industry. They are a supplier of parts for both audio and visual technologies employed in all the AR devices in the market.

Some might use the analogy of saying they are selling picks and shovels to miners. But, in the case of Kopin, they have patents on some of the best picks and shovels. As this space takes off, no matter who dominates, be it Vuzix, Google Glass, etc., Kopin will be benefiting.

The company has a history of developing technologies for nascent industries. In the past, they built a patent portfolio around HBT transistor wafers used in the cell phone industry. There are now HBT wafers in every cell phone and Kopin sold their portfolio for an excellent return many years ago. They are now trying to replicate this model in the AR/VR space. With over 300 patents and parts in all the products in the market, it appears they are well on their way to being successful.

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