Vuzix…an Alexa Moment

I’ve been long Vuxiz stock for almost a year. And, to be perfectly honest, it has sometimes felt like an eternity. Which is what happens when you invest in the future…there are numerous bumps and obstacles on the path to achieving a vision.

During the last year, I’d grown frustrated with the delays at Vuzix. Sales didn’t seem to ramp as quickly as I wanted. Profits seemed farther off than I cared to imagine. And, more disturbingly, despite having an industry leading AR platform, recognition and share price movement always seemed to be an elusive goal, just beyond the Company’s reach.

That all changed last week when Vuzix announced an Alexa enabled version of the Blade. Overnight the Company has gone from chasing the future to having achieved it. Vuzix has developed what I now believe will be one of the hottest consumer products of 2018.

I knew the Blade was coming. Heck, I wrote about it several times and thought it was going to be great. But, still, I wasn’t fully prepared for my reaction the first time I saw this video. it was as if someone had said, “Alexa turn on the lights,” and there was a surprise party. One that I should have been aware of, but somehow remained clueless despite numerous clues along the way.

The Blade is revolutionary. It very well may fulfill the promise that the Apple Watch never could.

Sidenote…we bought our daughter an Apple Watch for Christmas this last year. Two weeks ago I thought it was soooo cool she could make calls from her wrist. In 6 months, that is going to be “so 2017” as I call her from my Blade shades…

I’ve gone from wondering when Vuzix would get their act together to wondering how big this can be. Honestly, I was tired of the position and was thinking about moving on. Now, after my epiphany, I’ll be buying more. Alexa, buy me some VUZI!!!

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