DXD.V: When the Offering Closes. the Stock Likely Pops…

3D Signatures has been trying to raise money for months. To date, they have not been successful. I think that will change soon as there is too much value here to be ignored. Meanwhile, the fact that the management and board are still involved means that they must be close; otherwise, they would be jumping ship, right?

Technically, we have bottomed here. The weak hands have been shaken out and only those of us dumb enough to hold a stock down 67% (from Tailwinds’ cost) or more, remain. Once the weight of the offering is over, there will be a bounce. How big? I don’t know, but if you’re holding shares from higher, now is the time to be averaging down, in my opinion. And, if you’ve been on the sidelines, time to step up.

I admit to being (very) early to buying into this story. I did my homework on the technology and came away impressed. I think there is tremendous validity to what they are doing which will be proven by the Company and through partners over the next few years. The upside on the tech is great; more than enough to get back to multiples of our initial entry price.

Contrary to the majority of those posting on the StockHouse board (the most active investor community), I think Jason Flowerday is outstanding. I have a lot of faith in him as the leader of the Company going forward. For those of you who haven’t spoken with him directly, I suggest you take the time to do so. He’s hard working, upfront and a very straight shooter.

Where did things go sideways here? Biotech always has a long road to revenue and I think expectations got ahead of the Company. Then, selling pressure into a deal caused a downward selling spiral. However, that is coming to an end. Once the financing deal is over, the cheap stock will be gone, too.

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  1. I always wonder why it’s so difficult to find money for DXD when/if the technology is so good. And why KNIGHT refuses to help DXD with the financing.
    Then you have December getting closer with the tax loss selling.
    And then, on top of that you talked about ITUS. Looks like competition for DXD
    I am pretty big involved with DXD and a bit scared right now.
    Let’s hope for the best.

    You have to look into GER-V A very nice gold play

    • Hi Luc, I think you’re asking the right questions. Time for DXD to “show me the money”. Both ITUS and DXD are early stage, so we’ll see what clinical data shows us. I think DXD in Alzheimers is very interesting.

      I’ll look at GER, but, honestly, don’t want commodities on the Tailwinds platform unless they are incredibly compelling. Thanks for the idea!!!

      • Bill Gates has 50 million to spend on Alzheimers. I send an E-mail to Sabine Mai and Jason about that. Sabine Mai was very grateful and she was going to contact the Gates Foundation.
        If DXD can’t close the PP this week, well, then I also start to think we need a change in management. What is the story of KNIGHT and DXD??
        Something is rotten in the kingdom of DXD.
        GER is incredibly compelling. They will produce 300% more gold the very beginning of 2018 then right now. And cheap. I think gold cost them 400$ an ounce. So……

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