Institutions Are Clawing Their Way Into CATS

In the quarter ended June 30, several institutions stepped up and purchased shares of Catasys. This is a first for the Company as, prior to then, there had been no real institutional support for the shares; before the June Q, FNY Partners Fund had been the sole institutional owner.

With over 800,000 shares purchased, institutional ownership increased by over 250%. This brings the total institutional ownership to around 7.2% of the Company.

The biggest buyers were Kennedy Capital, Bard and UBS O’Connor, who accounted for over 85% of the buying.

Now that the shares have broken above the deal price, the next filing period should be very telling. Have any of these investors simply flipped the deal? Or, are they buying more as the technical picture improves?

And, speaking of the technical picture, it looks great for CATS. The stock has a gap back to over $8.50 fill before there is upside resistance.

The institutions are on to something here. Fundamentally and technically, Catasys is poised for big things. Keep your eye on the big money as stocks tend to follow the direction of the institutional money flows.

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