3-D Imaging of Telomeres Inside Cells Aids Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

Tailwinds Take: a well written article by David Templeton of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that discusses the work of Dr. Sabine Mai in conjunction with Dr. Hans Knecht on the use of telomeres in cancer diagnostics.

Discovery, the goal of science, can frustrate medical scientists when their findings can’t be used to help people.

That was the case more than a decade ago for Hans Knecht, chief hematologist at McGill University in Montreal, when he realized that telomeres were key players in Hodgkin’s lymphoma but he needed a way to advance his research.

Dr. Knecht said he was stuck: “I’m a translational researcher,” he said, referring to the idea of translating discoveries into diagnostic tools and treatments. “I couldn’t go any further.”

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