Vuzix Added to the Tailwinds Select Portfolio

We are adding Vuzix (ticker VUZI) to the Tailwinds Select Portfolio as of the market close on February 23, 2017. At a price per share of $5.45, VUZI represents a compelling opportunity in our eyes, due to their unique positioning in the nascent Augmented Reality industry.

Augmented Reality (AR) is in its infancy. The ability to allow hands free access to data is an incredible productivity tool that many companies are looking to exploit. Think about UPS drivers, for instance. Instead of having to use their scanner to read bar codes, how about if they could get all the information from a box simply by looking at it? This type of information is useful in every warehouse or manufacturing facility. Expect AR applications to dominate in these spaces in the near future.

Vuzix’s secret sauce lies in its form factor. With their proprietary technology (obtained in part from Nokia), they are able to package the ability to have a clear, readable picture, into a tiny form factor. This enables VUZI to produce headwear that is not only attractive, but lightweight and battery friendly. Vuzix is uniquely positioned to be the leader in this industry as they are well ahead of all competitors.

The Tailwinds Select Portfolio is a compilation of our favorite micro and small cap stock ideas. We are looking for companies whose share price has the potential to double in one year, triple in two, or 5x in three years. We then use evidenced based investing methods to screen these companies on many different levels. Our favorites of these companies get added to the Select Portfolio.

We are adding VUZI to the Portfolio at its current price of $5.45 per share.

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