Current Holdings & Performance

The Tailwinds Select Portfolio is a model portfolio based on our best ideas, screened for quality of management, business opportunity, potential catalysts, valuation and other criteria. It is meant to demonstrate the quality of our idea generation and the strength of our due diligence process. Some of these companies are also clients of Tailwinds.

At Tailwinds, we take great pride in working with and investing in great companies. We are long term investors, and our average hold should exceed 12 months as the Portfolio ages. Our goal is to receive in excess of 100% return on any stock added to the Portfolio, while minimizing the number of losers. Hopefully, our track record will demonstrate this over time.

Our current portfolio is detailed below.

* AQMS, RESN and CYRX Initial Prices are blended prices as positions were increased on 8/10/17,  8/30/17, 8/30/17, 10/5/17, 12/4/17 respectively.

Our monthly returns since inception and overall return are shown below and updated at the end of each month.

The overall portfolio returns assumes that each company has a pro-rata amount of the portfolio at the time it’s added to the portfolio. The returns include all companies currently or formerly in the Portfolio; we don’t leave out any under-performers. Below is a list of all companies that we have dropped from the portfolio, or, due to appreciation, we have reduced the position size thereof.The Portfolio’s individual company performance shown above is meant to show how each company in the portfolio has performed since it was added to the Portfolio and does not include trading costs or any other such fees or expenses.

We do not trade much around positions in the portfolio, but are usually following a buy and hold strategy. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. The first exception is the following: if a stock, through exemplary performance, becomes more than 25% of the total portfolio, we will cut that stock’s weighting in half and redistribute the proceeds amongst the other companies in the Select Portfolio. Our second exception is that, if a position in which we have high confidence has traded lower until the position is severely underweighted relative to the other positions, we will consider doubling the position size.

Please do your own due diligence on companies before investing. While we typically own the stocks in the Portfolio, we do not make recommendations for others. Rather, you should consider your own circumstances before making any investment. We believe in these companies, but stocks go both up and down. Some, or all, of these companies may be compensating Tailwinds for research. We are not compensated for adding them to the Select Portfolio, however. Please read our complete disclaimer here.