Monday, June 26, 2017

Adem Tumerkan

Adem Tumerkan is an independent analyst covering the metals and mining industry as well as global macro investing.

The Bond Market is Calling the Fed’s Bluff & So Should You

Something happened Tuesday that we haven't seen since December 2007. . . The spread between treasury bills due in 5 years and the 30 year collapsed....

Odds Rising For Recession, Falling Stocks And Inverting Yields

Yesterday the Federal Reserve hiked rates .25%. It is the second time they have tightened this year. And Yellen even laid out the foundation...

Consumer Credit Flops And Why This Is A Big Problem

Today the Federal Reserve released the April Consumer credit growth data. And it was another splash of cold water in the face of the...

The Psychology of Investing by Adem Tumerkan

Investing is all psychological.  I learned from George Soros how important his Theory of Reflexivity is. The crowds prevailing perception is what moves prices up or down,...

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