Technically Speaking, VUZIX Could Be Off To The Races

Like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, Paul Travers was a little ahead of himself when he started Vuzix. There must have been a voice in his head saying, “if you build it, they will buy,” because he kept plugging away, creating the best AR eyewear when the market for his product was yet to exist.

Investors are an impatient bunch, however, and shares of Vuzix have been stuck in a long (16 months or so) downtrend. Instead of “if you build it, they will come,” the market seemed to take an approach of, “if you build it, guide to higher revenues, start showing traction, and, basically, de-risk things to the point of it being a no-brainer, we will buy your stock.”

I mean, seriously, Vuzix has so much going for it, yet the stock hasn’t gotten out of its own way…until now.

In the last couple weeks, the downtrend in VUZI has been shattered. On big volume and emphatically. The fundamentals have never been stronger. Now, the stock is starting to act in parallel. Yes, shares in Vuzix have made a decent move off the lows. However, like the AR market as a whole, it looks like this move in the stock could just be the beginning of something much bigger.

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