Orin Hirschman of AIGH Partners Reports a 5.1% Stake in Vuzix

One of the smarter small cap investment funds out there, AIGH Partners, and their general manager Orin Hirschman, just reported taking an over 5% position in VUZI. In my experience, AIGH is a passive investor, meaning they do not try to take over companies. However, they are a very shrewd investor and can be a lot of value added in terms of general corporate finance, market knowledge, etc.

I see this as a strong endorsement of Vuzix, its team, and their competitive position in the growing market of augmented reality.

Vuzix shares have been weak lately, due to what appears to be a concerted attack by short sellers. This despite recent positive news flow from the company regarding 1) industry awards, 2) new customers including Toshiba, and 3) their biggest quarterly revenue number in history along with guidance for greatly increasing growth going forward.

I like Orin and respect his work. I think I’ll be adding to my personal position here.