Changes to Select Portfolio: Earthstone Out, Patriot One In

We are making more changes to the Tailwinds Select Portfolio. Keeping with our theme of disruptive technology, we are adding Patriot One to the portfolio and removing Earthstone.

Patriot One is a company with an innovative technology for locating weapons on individuals as they enter venues. Similar to metal detectors, their technology takes it one step further in terms of knowing if a weapon or explosive device is present. This is all done in a form factor that is much less obvious than metal detectors, allowing almost seamless integration of their technology into existing buildings, event venues, etc.

We are removing Earthstone as we move away from Oil & Gas in general. Tailwinds has tweaked our focus to disruptive technologies. Earthstone is the best value play in the Permian Basin, but as a commodity producer, it is subject to the general swings of that industry. Therefore, we are taking our 25% profit and leaving the energy business behind.